Proposals and Tender Writing

Writing proposals and bids can often be an arduous and frustrating experience. With a lot of information to cover and capture it is easy to get lost in the process, or to become to close to your subject and lose the key messages you need to deliver for successful results.

Sunshine DC can assist with writing of proposals, bids and tenders, including:

  • Developing a win theme for your document and key supporting benefit driven statements
  • Sourcing content for your tenders through interviews and other research
  • Writing and editing of content
  • Review of content for relevance and its ability to support and contribute to the tender request document
  • Developing document information libraries where you can source information for your future bids to assist streamlining your submissions
  • Develop word templates that automate some of your repetitive tender processes


Presentation and Supporting Graphics

Sunshine DC can provide an overall design for your tender document and presentation templates including supporting images and diagrams that increase the clarity and impact of your key messages. A professional looking tender submission goes a long way to ensuring your content is given as much consideration as possible.

Sunshine DC Diagrams and Support Graphics

Having professional diagrams and supporting graphics in the body of your submission aids the communication of key concepts. In addition, professional supporting graphics such as graphs, tables and flow charts can help you stand out from the competition and give you a competitive edge.

Contact Sunshine DC to find out how professional support graphics and diagrams can add value to your business and increase your revenue/sales.