Sales & Promotional

Having the right sales collateral can make the difference between struggling to achieve your goals, to surpassing them. The right sales collateral works tightly with your sales team to convey your message and get the right response from your customers.

Sunshine DC works with you to develop highly effective sales collateral for your products or services including:

  • Corporate brochures and annual reports
  • Product brochures and flyers
  • Posters and other display material including signage and display banners
  • Product packaging and display

Contact Sunshine DC to discuss your business goals and find out how we can assist you.



Merchandise can be a key supporting strategy for your business’ success. From pens to t-shirts to other more targeted items, merchandise can be used to support many of your company’s initiatives including:

  • Increase sales / repeat business / customer loyalty
  • Increase general brand awareness
  • Launch of a new company brand / initiative
  • Educate staff on new company initiatives / internal processes

Sunshine DC can assist you to create a successful merchandise strategy that ties in with your company’s goals/requirements. Once Sunshine DC has presented recommendations, we then provide a full sourcing, design and delivery service.

We can also work with your existing suppliers to design and develop effective merchandise solutions to meet your requirements.